PTDF PhD Interview Format

Like other potential employers, the panel of interviewers at PTDF PhD interviews usually want to know how aware you are about their organisation, so it is advisable to research their website thoroughly- their mission, vision, key people and activities.

They also want to know if you are worth being invested in (obviously), so they will ask you several questions about:

  • Yourself (Are you lecturing? Tell them so. If not, what other useful thing have you been up to?)
  • Your proposed project and its relevance to the Nigerian oil and gas industry (Tip: I suggest that you start your pitch by pointing out your project's relevance to the oil industry first).
  • How you  intend to carry out your project (i.e. methodology)? 
  • How you intend to communicate your findings? (Tip: saying you'll attend workshops, conferences, and write papers doesn't quite cut it. Be sure to add that you will be actively working with Nigerian researchers/organisations).
Finally, the PTDF PhD interview style is designed to make you sweat or to think on your feet, so to speak. Be prepared for this by deciding to remain composed no matter what, as is not uncommon for them to ask you several questions at once. Furthermore, know your subject matter well, since the interviewers  are fellow academics, and interviews/interviewers are organised according to specialisation/topic choice (ie. Engineering, Environmental Management, Renewables and so forth).

Best wishes!

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