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T he atmosphere is generally divided into 6 layers, characterized by temperature differences: Boundary layer -about 1-2km above the earth surface, and generally known as the lowest part of the troposphere. Troposphere- about 8-15km above earth surface; lowest depth (i.e. 8km) at the poles, and 15km at the equator. Stratosphere- level just above the troposphere where ozone layer is, because the oxygen at this level abosorbs a lot of solar radiation to form ozone. Mesosphere, Thermosphere and exosphere are not particulary my concern because it has ben observed that air pollution occurs mostly at the troposphere and stratosphere. At the troposphere, pollutants tend to experience R-R-D (my acronym); that is, be washed out by Rain, removed by Reaction, or Deposited on the earth surface. On the other hand, a t the stratosphere, pollutants tend to remain for longer periods, due to slow downward mixing, and their effects are noticed globally. To better understand the dynamics of ai