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OFID Scholarships

OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development) is pleased to announce that qualified applicants who have obtained or are on the verge of completing their undergraduate degree and who wish to study for a Master’s degree are welcome to apply for the OFID Scholarship 2012. The OFID Scholarship will be awarded to support two students or candidates for Master’s degree studies. The applicant may be from any developing country, and he/she must first obtain admission to pursue a Master’s (graduate) degree in any recognized university/college in the world. The Scholarship is open to those students who wish to pursue studies in a relevant field of Development or Energy Studies. Through its scholarship scheme, OFID aims to help highly motivated, highly-driven individuals overcome one of the biggest challenges to their careers – the cost of graduate studies. The winner of the OFID Scholarship Award will receive a full tuition scholarship of up to US$50,000. The funds will be spread over a maxi

More PTDF past questions!

Yay! Thank you so much TC for sharing more MSc past questions (Environmental & Safety Engineering field)!! Very kind of you! So here they are.. the exam is tomorrow if I am not mistaken, so I'm afraid I don't have enough time to search for all the answers. They should be easy enough to find though (thank you Google :) Other PTDF past questions here and  here . ANSWERS MINE, SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VERIFY: 1. What is the value of 4 score minus 2 dozen? (4 x 20) - (2 x 12) = 56 2. Who designed the Nigerian flag? Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi 3. When will the next Halley commet appear? 2062. It orbits the sun every 75-76 years. 4. Japan's tsunami shifted the earth by how many centimetres? "Reports from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy estimated the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters)... [and] moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters)." (CNN) 5

2 Days to go...

Just a few reminders about the MSc PTDF exam. Nothing groundbreaking, just advice: 1. Facts- try to get as many as you can, both about the field you are attempting, and about general news from CNN, BBC, etcetera. Textbooks are useful, but at this point (so close to the exams) I think searching relevant websites for info is more effective because you learn faster and more relevant information. 2. Negative marking exists, so if you are very unsure of the answers, just skip it. And please if you have any other past questions could you email them to Thanks and I wish you every success!!