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British Council's INNOVATION 360 Graduate Programme

The competition, Innovation 360 degrees, is targeted at young Nigerians who are university graduates. The process will be online and the final five winners get a full master's degree scholarship to a university in the United Kingdom. "The competition is designed for exceptional people," said Omotola Oyebanjo, Communications Team Leader of the Council. "We are looking for young Nigerians who can take advantage of their intelligence and win scholarships to the UK. Every two weeks, we will put a task online and in the newspapers, and ask young Nigerians to solve them." Starting from September 14, and running through November 21, the programme will list out specific tasks for contestants to solve. Any candidate, who succeeds in solving a task, at any time during the programme, is deemed to qualify for the final draw which entails an interview with a panel of judges. The competition is open to anyone who holds a university degree. Tomi Soyinka, the Business Partnersh

PTDF selection process

The selection for the MSc PTDF OSS is an annual process. The whole process from application through to selection is administered and managed by the PTDF, so please check the PTDF website for information on application form availability. How the Application is Advertised The PTDF places an advert in the national press in Nigeria announcing the next round of applications for the Overseas Scholarship Scheme. This is for both MSc and PhD programmes. Please check the website and at for information regarding the release of the application forms. The advert will inform you of all relevant details of where, in each Nigerian state, application forms can be obtained. The Selection Process This is the first step in the application procedure. From the applications received a selected number will be invited to sit an exam. On the basis of the results of the exam the final selection will be made. The list of successful candidates for the scholarship will be published on the P