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PTDF MSc Past Questions

I see that there is some interest in the PTDF MSc Past Questions section of this blog (naturally) so here are a few past questions. The 2010 exam was the first internet-based (hence objective-based) exam; these others are theory-based. They should give you a heads-up still: PART THREE SECTION F (2002) ANSWER ALL QESTIONS TIME ALLOWED: 55 MINUTES 1.Define the following terms: i. Petroleum ii. Bitumen iii. Formation Volume Factor iv. Structural Closure v. Porosity vi. Kerogen 2. In what ways can organic matter diagenesis be monitored? 3. Classify the following porosity types into primary and secondary: Chalky, Fracture, Intercrystal, Fenestral, Moldic and Intraparticle. 4. Briefly describe and classify the following types of traps: i. Normal fault ii. Buttress sand iii. Rollover anticline on growth fault iv. Compaction anticline 5. Indicate which of the following possible answers are true ( there may be more than one). a) if a