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Getting a PhD: Conference presentations

In other words, getting invaluable feedback on your research! As daunting as poster and oral presentations can be, the value of such events is well understood. Some benefits of attending and presenting at a conference include: Receiving invaluable and immediate feedback on your work (improvements, new ideas).  Building your confidence in public speaking, and getting clearer ideas about what makes a presentation good or bad.  Learning about other interesting fields.  Networking opportunities.  Opportunities for a change of environment (most of the time will be spent within the conference venue but squeezing some quality time to sightsee after the conference is a doable treat).  Some tips that may help to prepare one for presentations include: Realising that you have done satisfactory work, otherwise the conference organisers would not have invited you to present your work. It is sometimes hard to imagine that experts in your field could learn something from you, but the nature