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PTDF Past Questions 4

Hello my people! How was your MSc PTDF exam two weeks ago? (26th March ko)? Trust it went strangely enough :) Apologies to the Owerri people who couldn't write the exam. I am wondering if anyone has copies of the questions you answered, so I can upload it here for future PTDF applicants. You can email them to me at Thanks much, and I bite my nails in anticipation of the results with you all! Click on the document to magnify it:

PTDF MSc Past Questions 2004/2005

If you have 20/20 vision you just might be able to read it when you click: CORRECTIONS/ANSWERS TO SOME OF THE OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS (Answers mine, so feel free to verify) 2004/2005 5. Yes, 230V, 50Hz 6. closest answer B (I got 100/9 hrs) 7. NNPC formed in 1977, so no idea 9. North American Indians 10. 27th Sept. 2003 11. Spirit 12. Dubai? 14. No idea yet 16. Maybe. 15th of Jan is Nigerian Armed Forces Rememberance Day (yet to confirm). 19. LC? 24. Pakistan created in 1947 25. Roger Bannister 26. He was first elected in 1990 27. Yes, 1990. This year (2010), marks his 20th year of freedom. (Note: OPEC is celebrating its 50th year this 2010; 1960 - 2010) 29. Yes, revived in 1896 (it really began in Greece in the 9th century). 31. Australia 32. No, Leaning Tower of Pisa 33. February 2002? (dichotomy- to separate in two distinct parts). Note that Exclusive Economic Zone refers to the offshore region, 200 nautical miles from the boundary of the Territorial Zone. This EEZ is comprised of the Co