PTDF MSc Past Questions 2004/2005

If you have 20/20 vision you just might be able to read it when you click:

(Answers mine, so feel free to verify)


5. Yes, 230V, 50Hz
6. closest answer B (I got 100/9 hrs)
7. NNPC formed in 1977, so no idea
9. North American Indians
10. 27th Sept. 2003
11. Spirit
12. Dubai?
14. No idea yet
16. Maybe. 15th of Jan is Nigerian Armed Forces Rememberance Day (yet to confirm).
19. LC?
24. Pakistan created in 1947
25. Roger Bannister
26. He was first elected in 1990
27. Yes, 1990. This year (2010), marks his 20th year of freedom. (Note: OPEC is celebrating its 50th year this 2010; 1960 - 2010)
29. Yes, revived in 1896 (it really began in Greece in the 9th century).
31. Australia
32. No, Leaning Tower of Pisa
33. February 2002? (dichotomy- to separate in two distinct parts). Note that Exclusive Economic Zone refers to the offshore region, 200 nautical miles from the boundary of the Territorial Zone. This EEZ is comprised of the Contiguous Zone. Also, the country has every right to everything beneath the continental Shelf (eg. oil) (see wikipedia for a better explanation. All I know is, oil exploration, fishing and gbogbo-ye is the exclusive right of the country with the EEZ. Read up on it some time.
37. DCXV (CD would be 400; DC is 600; LX would be 60; XL would be 40. Just like IX is 9 while XI is 11. Did this with A. today)
38. World AIDS day 1st December 1988, so no idea.
42. China?
43. Yes, stratosphere
44. Robert Mugabe
46. No idea, but couldn't it be 1995?
47. Yes, 2002 (there are 4 types of contracts Nigeria does: JOV, PSC, SC and MOU)
49. No, Mikhail Gorbachev. He resigned in 1991. The SU had had probs since 1985. Boris Yeltsin took over from him sharply.
50. In peace and love to grow?

PTDF Past_Qs (dunno which yr but question 1 starts with "which state is known as the food basket of the nation?")

4. Environmental Impact Assessment?
6. Not too sure about that
7. 18 feet. (about 0.54m)
8. Joseph Stiglitz. Everyone else won a Nobel prize for literature while his was economy related or so.
9. Yes, they were founded in 1960. HQ was Iraq then. Became part of the UN by 1962.Changed HQ from Geneva to Vienna in '65.
14. Still no idea
16. Atherton Tableland is a museum exhibit of sorts, while the others are actual deserts.
18. Linfen?
19. Essien, Drogba, Eto'o
21. A
22. C?
23. Eat
25. State creations were '67, '76. '87, '91 and '96.
26. Asia and Africa. (Smallest continent is Australia)
27. 1902?
29. Range or None?
30. Rainfall and air pressure
31. 2?
33. Yea, Britain - from 1775 to 1783,after the famous "Boston Tea Party" fiasco.
35. Vatican City (the size of a golf course, some say. While the largest country is Russia, ffd by Canada, and then China).
37. Owerri
38. Ted Turner
39. Pyramids?
41. In 2005, it was 2.6mbpd; 2006 it was 2.45mbpd;
42. Bonny, 1999; Bonga, 2006?
45. Yea, American Pet. Inst.
47. ?
49. D?
50. Yes, all.

Now you have a feel for the kind of questions they like to ask. Quite similar to Who wants to Be a Millionaire and Zain Africa Challenge, etc. They'll also ask you specific questions about the course you applied for, so it's good you choose a field you know about. It's also a good idea to ask others who wrote the last exam about the categories they put the courses in. For eg, Environmental Engineering ppl answered the same questions Risk management, Health Safety and co answered.
Godspeed as you prepare.

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