From Chemical Engineering to Energy and Environment

I will be focusing on the course I am about to commence, entitled Energy and Environment. Find below the exciting details, courtesy of the University of Leeds:

The impacts of climate change are becoming visible through out the world, with receding glaciers, changing weather patterns, coastlines and ecosystems. The links between climate change and poverty and human health are a significant future concern. Gas and oil prices have recently been very unstable, and whilst world energy demand carries on increasing, it is likely that production will peak during the next decade. Urban populations are also continuing to grow, bringing with them waste disposal problems, traffic congestion and greater power, heating and refrigeration needs, as well as fire and explosion hazards.

As a response to this we are now seeing changing energy policies worldwide, geared towards encouraging energy autonomy by developing renewable energies and recycling initiatives as well as implementing low carbon technologies. The UK Climate Change Bill will be a driver for change. At the same time pollution control guidelines and emission regulations have tightened both within the EU and world wide. There will be an increasing demand for graduates with an understanding both of the environmental impacts of energy technology choices as well as the technical expertise to further develop them.

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