Don't Make the Same Mistakes I Made

Blog Disclaimer (sort of): This is not a blog about PTDF, but about expanding my knowledge.

1. As soon as you know you are interested in sitting for the PTDF MSc overseas exam, start reading. And in your non-jackometer time, watch some Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Weakest Link, Zain Africa Challenge, etcetera. It really helps. If Mr. Frank Edoho asks Mr. Ojilile, "where is the highest mountain located?" try to find out where the lowest mountain is located as well (if there is such a thing).

2. As soon as you have heard that you were shortlisted for the MSc program, jump for joy, thank God severally, call your people, celebrate--- and by all means, start looking for your admission yourself! (I really cannot overemphasise this point enough, but let me stop here).

3. If there are any requirements your prospective school needs you to fulfil, do it- eg. if they want you to post your transcript or reference letters, do it sharply. if they are asking for proof of funding, let PTDF know on time... (and no, not via email. Go to their office, seriously). Then keep tracking its progress.

4. As soon as your Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) is ready, jump for joy, thank God severally, call your people, celebrate--- and take it to PTDF office sharply. Start applying for accomodation quickly. (In some schools you may be able to apply before your CAS is ready).

5. When you are contacted by your school that you have been allocated to a room, repeat #4. Some schools require a deposit before you can sign the contract; let PTDF know.

6. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times- induction, visa processing, etcetera. but of course you already knew that.

All the best!

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