"What I Wish PTDF Asked Me..."

As in, I so read off-point! But God dey sha.

I'll post the questions the PTDF asked in their first internet-based MSc Overseas Scholarship exam on March 20, but probably not tonight... soon and very soon sha. Watch this space.


The questions were in two parts, as opposed to the previous 3 sections- General Knowledge, Discipline-based Essay to test your English and Discipline-Based questions proper.

This time it was General Knowledge and Discipline-Based objectives; 50 questions in 30 mins, and 35 questions in about 90 minutes respectively.

General Knowledge Questions:
(Answers mine, so feel free to verify. I have also written the questions in my own words, no vex).

1. Who invented Facebook?
Just kidding.

1. How many legs does a butterfly have?(And I am not kidding now. Mumu question, esp. as I couldnt answer it-- the fear of NEGATIVE MARKING is the beginning of obj wisdom).

2. The Mediterranean sea is part of which sea?
Atlantic, Pacific, Indian...
My Ans: Atlantic

3. What does API stand for?
Ans: American Petroleum Institute

4. Which scientist first stated that the earth revolves around the sun?
Aristotle, Galileo, Copernicus...
My Ans: Copernicus

5. Who first established the kindergarten schooling system?
Maria Montessori, Friedrich Frobel...
My Ans: Was Montessori, but my friend and I googled it and saw Friedrich Frobel (sulks...)

6. ECOWAS stands for?
Economic Communities of West African States, Economic Community of West African States…

7. Periodic checking of oil equipment is known as?
Routine maintenance, Preventive maintenance…

8. Mount. Everest is found where?
Australia, china, Nepal…
Ans: Nepal (now I knew that the Asian continent possesses ‘the highest heights and the lowest lows’ –lol- so it was btw China and Nepal… shucks, no phone a friend :-)

9. The Mediterranean is part of which sea?
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian…
My Ans: Atlantic

10. The study of earthquakes is called what?
Oceanography, Seismology…

11. Fastest man and woman currently?
I know the man but not the woman. Wetin be dis nau? Usain Bolt and Anne Frasier be the answer some give.

12. What is the current tax rate in Nigeria? 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 15%

13. Mussolini introduced what? Nepotism, Facism…

14. What does AM and PM stand for?
Ans: Ante Meridian and Post Meridian

15. Which planet has the densest atmosphere?

16. Which Mary did a great deal of work in Nigeria? Mary Magdalene (lol), Mary Slessor…
My Ans: Mary Slessor

17. When did the RMC Titanic sink, with all 1,500 passengers? 1912, 1914, 1916, 1918
Ptdf, see your options! I win you sha: 1912, I believe.

18. Where is the AU headquarters situated?
My Ans: Addis Ababa

19. World’s largest refiner of gold? South Africa, Switzerland, etc
My Ans: was Switzerland. I don’t know for sure, but I couldn’t get that phrase Swiss Gold” out of my head, lol. SA does gold too right?

20.How many barrels of oil make… chai, all this my talk-talk has made me forget, sorry!

21. Choko Choko is in what part of Nigeria? Abia, Kogi, Osun…
Ans: Kogi. (well ok…)

22. Which lady won the Nobel prize more than once? Maathai Wangari, Marie Curie, etc
Ans: Marie Curie-- in 1904 and 1911 I think.

For Environmental Engineering/Health Safety/Industry/Etc

1.Mycotoxins are? Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi
Ans: Fungi. I chose virus :- (

2.Pesticides are mainly ? Sulphides & Sulphates, Chlorides of HCs…

3.Which of the following preservation methods is most likely to introduce chemical contaminants to food? Smoking, Drying, Canning…
My ans: Canning

4.Most ecologically acceptable SWM technique? Composting, Sanitary Landfilling, Incineration…
My ans: Sanitary landfills (at least the hardpan clay and impermeable membranes they’ll use will prevent leaching abi?

5.What is the lifespan of a sewerage system? 10 yrs, 20 yrs, 30 yrs…

6. Best method for treating plastic and rubber wastes? Sanitary landfill, pyrolysis, Incineration…
My ans: Pyrolysis (I just couldn’t get the image of whole rubber buckets sticking out of a landfill, hahaha)

7. C.R.V in Water Resources stands for? Constant Volume Ratio, Critical Volume Ratio…

8. Global warming temp has risen by what amount currently? 2deg, 6deg, less than 2deg

9. Saline soil has a pH of? <4, btw. 5 and 8, 7, >7

10. Fresh sewage has a pH of? 4 to 7, 5 to 8.5…

11. Allowable turbidity levels in drinking water should be? 5ppm, 10ppm, 20ppm
(Shucks, I crammed mine in NTU)

12. Which soil type has the least water retention capacity? Coarse gravel, gravel, fine sand…
My ans: Coarse gravel

13. Which soil type has characteristic 0.02 – 0.002mm range? Silt, Clay, fine sand…

14. A hydrograph plots time against which of these? Recorded runoff, surface runoff, precipitation…

15. What is responsible for the acidity of rainwater that makes rocks dissolve? CO, CO2, S02…
My ans: CO2

16. Cause of acid rain? CO, CO2, SO2, NO…
Ans: SO2

17. Why is hard water hardly distributed for public use? It is hard to lather, is dangerous…

18. What causes mottling of teeth? Chlorine, Fluorine, HCF…
My ans: I went with fluorine. Too much of a good thing can be bad; my reasoning

19. What is the force ratio for a man lifting 120kg of timber with 10kg effort? 12, 1200, 110, 130
My ans: It seemed too simple, but I sha stuck with it: 12. Ratio abi?

20. Coal-based stations release? Sox and NOx; Sox, NOx and Particulate Matter; Sox, NOx, PM and CO
My ans: I went with all four

21. Main cause of desertification in arid regions of Nigeria? Wind, water, sun…
My ans: wind

22. Which of the following isn’t a measure of water retention? Rationation, Infiltration, Hydrograph, None of the above
My ans: none of the above. They all seem to be good measures of water retention.

23. Which state in Nigeria by the second largest river in Nigeria is battling with the environmental hazard of rice production? Osun, Yobe, Benue, Niger
My ans: was btw. Benue, tho I think it is incorrect.

This is all I can remember for now.

Ehem, excuse me. At this point I would like to RANT:

As you have seen, the questions were really not difficult, but you can also understand that if you didn’t read the right areas, nothing for you.
I was there cramming environmental disasters (with dates)- major oil spills (Gulf War, Exxon Valdez, Amodo Cadiz, Piper Alpha… with dates); anthropogenic disasters (all them Bhopal, Baia Mare, Chernobyl, Love Canal, Bangladesh arsenic poisoning, cyanide from gold refining, Nagasaki, Niger Delta… with dates);

Then of course: Environmental Impact Analyses, EERs, EIS, ISO 14001 to 14060 (with the names o- Environmental management Systems, Environmental Labelling, Audit, etc); Solid Waste Management (all them activated sludge, primary treatment, and gbogbo ye); osmosis, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration(with the permissible diameter sizes o);

air pollution control, water pollution and control (and fellow Evt. Eng’g people can attest to the length and boringness of those chapters, smh). Oh of course, first to fourth ‘generation’ biofuels (ie. from hemp-based biofuel of 1896 to biochar of today); hydrogen fuel cells, magnesium solar cells… this girl read oh, but what does she have to show for it??

Not to mention all those boring current affairs things. Wetin consain me with Lithuania’s RMBK nuclear reactor shut down, and their fear of being taken advantage of by Baba Russia? Or about them Ahmedjinnad, Karzai, Kim Jong Il and co? Taiwan’s healthcare system, anyone? Or Somalia horn of Africa? Opec nations (with dates they joined), Warmest years in this century due to global warming (1998 was the warmest, FYI), etc etc ETC. Yeah it pays to know stuff sha, but still, Ptdf you no try for me lol.

Ladies and Genn’lmen, it seems I am trying to show off all I know but eh, no. That is not the case at all. I just want to pen down the stuff I read (that didn’t come out) to reduce my frustration cuz I feel I wasted all that time reading and reading, only to be asked about the pH of saline soil and so forth. Hiss. If only it was theory-based and not objective; trust me, I would have added all this jara I read, wallahi! As long as there’s a tiny hint of a relationship btw. them. It’s all good sha. I have ranted.

Baibai for now. Next time I’ll include some of the past questions from previous non-objective years.


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