An Innovation 360 Experience-- 1st Hand Info

The Innovation 360° competition has come and gone, and speaking as one who had the privilege of participating in the competition, I say it was wonderful.
In case you were living under a rock during the entire duration of the British Council –sponsored competition, I have said a little bit about it in an earlier post—just click the link at the right or better yet, scroll down.
Okay, so I have neglected this blog for quite some time, so in the spirit of revival, I will quickly highlight a few things that I gained during the competition:

>>> Congratulations to the British Council on its 75th Anniversary—people celebrate birthdays all the time, with food, drink and general merry-making, but I see that it is even more admirable to give back to society while you are at it. The BC sponsored the six winners with UK Masters’ scholarships worth N3.5Million, as well as Virgin Atlantic plane tickets to and fro and monthly upkeep allowances… lucky fellas and chica menn! Well they all deserved it.
And the rest of us who didn’t make it to the final six were not left out O! What do you think about £400 each for online masters’ courses of our choice? Sweet.

>>> We Nigerians are known for our “shouting mentality”, or talking down at subordinates when they are in the wrong, but I have always suspected that there is a way to pass your correction across in ways that do not diminish the recipient’s self esteem so badly—I experienced such a method at the competition. My presentation was very ‘wack’ (that is, lousy -I do say so myself). A point came when I felt like a sheep in heels when my brain evaporated from my body, but you know what? The panel of judges gracefully affirmed me. Not one of them said (or implied), “Wharristhis nansens waste o’ time?!!” They balanced grace and truth and for this I remain ever grateful.

>>> Yea the food was AAA (lol) But the tension made our stomachs knotty so we didn’t really savour the food till the results were out.

>>> You may have good ideas about something, but your presentation and carriage really matters. You may be able to write very well but if you come off as a nervous wreck, it is no-show for you. Practice makes perfect, so let your mirror or your best friend give you some necessary feed-back. Also, being forceful is not synonymous with assertiveness or confidence.

>>> Alright this is all for now… I cannot recall all the other insights I gained at the moment, and I ought to be studying right now. Updates on the studies will be posted soon.


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